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Edge Banding

Edge banding products are high-quality and high-technology pieces of cabinetry. The materials that require edge banding are high gloss and melamine. These are very modern products with great popularity nowadays. 

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  • Melamine

    Melamine cabinetry is constructed from a manufactured-wood substrate: particle board, that has been covered in melamine laminate. The melamine resin gives these otherwise lower-quality materials a very durable and attractive finish. This is what makes melamine furniture so popular. While 100% real wood furniture pieces have their benefits, in many cases using melamine laminated furniture is the most cost effective, lightweight, and convenient choice. Among its benefits are:

    durability: scratch and shatter resistant

    variety: it can be produced in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

  • High Gloss

    High gloss products are great for cabinetry. They give a modern look to kitchens and homes in general. Panels are made by applying UV lacquered films on to 3/4" thick medium density fiberboard (MDF). This UV cured coat makes this product very resistant and durable. In our company we get the panels and then make the doors, or any other piece of cabinetry, by cutting it and applying an edge banding of 1mm. Edge bandings can be either unicolor or bicolor (recommended). This product is only available for slab/flat designs and glass doors cannot be made with it.