F-B6-R5-P6-SQ is the drawer front belonging to the door style: B6-R5-P6-SQ. It is a modern, trending and flat insert ¼”panel design with a bevel edge and frame, square joints and a line/groove that cuts the rail on the sides. It is a plain and elegant style. The rail size is about 2 1/4". The flat panel is made of wood veneer MDF. The thickness of the wood we use is ¾”. Please notice the reduced rails running horizontally measuring about 1 ½” tall. Please keep in mind the picture you see is meant to help you choose the design of your drawer front, not the color. All our wood drawer fronts are raw.

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8.00" - 96.00"
6.75" - 96.00"
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Face Type Drawer Front
Door Style Square
Door Type Regular
Edge B6
Rail R5
Panel P6

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Because wood is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity joineries to form the face frame can expand and contract exposing visible gaps. Staining and finishing the face frame can enhance this visibility. Lighter colored paint finishes in particular actually accent this gap making it stand out even more. A gap of .010" is acceptable and would not be considered a defect.

Dimensional size tolerances for all Dade Doors Inc products will be +/- 1/16 of an inch.

When wood is exposed to variations in temperature and humidity the moisture content in the wood reflects these changes and its natural response is to grow or shrink in the direction of the grain or slightly twist or bow. Doors up to 24" wide and 44" in height have a warp tolerance of .25". Doors exceeding these dimensions are not warranted against warping. Frames only and recessed panel doors up to 24" wide and 41" in height have a warp tolerance of .25". Doors and frames exceeding these dimensions are not warranted against warping.

Our wood is very clean regarding grain though it is not selected. 

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